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Yes they would (((((MN)))))

An enemy is not how YOU feel about someone. Feelings lie. An enemy is someone who factually operates against you. This is not reason for you you get upset and hate them.. it's an opportunity to learn.

Look, I have many enemies on DP. I don't dislike or hate any of them. I am always respectful to them, even though, being human, you bet sometimes it hurts, more than just feelings. But instead of getting upset and settling on hate, I love them anyways. So they downvote me to oblivion.. have I ever once asked you to remove anyone? No. Some here might say I have the most enemies of all, my biggest enemy is myself and my dyslexia.

My mission is the path Ron Paul set me upon. I worked very hard as a LP and Indy, way harder than for RP, because I have always thought it was "just another rabbit hole", and maybe it is.. but it's one I would have never explored, and I am glad that I am, I am because it is fantastic to be part of the rEVOLution within the GOP, taking seats and voting NO, and materializing RP's message, "restore the republic", to one in which we can honestly stand: LIBERTY (and justice for all).