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There's only one answer

to your first question. If you hold a birth certificate that doesn't have a seal and signature, it's not a certified copy of the original.

If the copy is not certified as a copy of the original, it means it is a forgery. I don't care where he was born. His father was born in Kenya, Obama held dual citizenship at birth. If Obama renounced his Kenyan, or Indonesian citizenship at age 18 or 21, there's no record of it. It doesn't matter anyway, dual citizens are not natural born citizens.

Put the certificate in Illustrator, you will find the layers on the right hand side, click on them. The real issue is he isn't qualified to hold the office of president of the United States, he doesn't meet the criteria.

Better question, why do courts of law turn down the evidence claiming the litigant does not have standing? Check Philip Berg's website, he brought the first lawsuit in June, 2008. If the voters don't have standing, and Alan Keyes a candidate doesn't have standing, who does have standing?