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Comment: Rand is beyond the lesser of 2 evils

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Rand is beyond the lesser of 2 evils

He's been the leading voice of liberty on damn near every piece of anti-liberty legislation emanating from capitol hill. People who are inclined to naturally find fault in people will harken back to his vote on Iran sanctions and then they totally disregard his explanation for it: he wanted the preemptive strike language stricken from the sanction and thus supported a significantly watered down version to keep the former from happening. That was a strategy that weakened a pro-war article and it worked and he should be saluted for minimizing the danger of a new war. Too many people on DP have bought stock in Rand being the apple that fell too far from the tree that they refuse to acknowledge the great things he's doing all across the political spectrum. And, I'm not necessarily aiming this at you.