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Comment: We fight not against flesh and blood

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We fight not against flesh and blood

Our true enemies are not the persons that are persecuting us or hurting us for no reasons. They are not our true enemies. Our true enemies are the spiritual forces behind those people. And there is no reconciliation between God and the devil. So there's no reconciliation between us and the force of evil, too, that is if we choose to stand on God's side.

I think the true unconditional love continues to love no matter what. Doesn't matter what the other person is or is doing, you still love them. That is God's love to the world. He loves the world regardless of who we are or what we have done. That's God's love.

However, being an enemy is a choice. You can love some one but don't have to agree with what they are doing. So, I think yes, you can love your enemy and they can choose to remain your enemy.