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don't pretend you love the chattel Fishy

You can say whatever you want, but don't pretend you love "the chattel" fishy. I say you hate them so much that you tried to kill yourself more than once. Anarchists may support a lot of things I find disgusting, but ultimately they are human beings.

You want to be free of the chattel rather than help free them. You live vicariously though their suffering and by trying to raise yourself above them. With your brand of love, their lives can only become something worse.

Chattel = Cattle = Soulless animals which you have dominion over.

Think of it this from now on Fishy, every time I hear you open your foul mouth and start calling people chattel, know I am taking it personally.

It's me you're insulting.

Lay all your poison on me and spare "the chattel" your disgusting version of love.