Comment: Nonna, I hope you right

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Nonna, I hope you right

But it is not only is also much of the east coast...NJ, eastern PA, CT, MA, MD, with the exception of the smaller states of VT, NH, and ME. As liberal as those states are, they do not want Federal intrusion....and they love their guns as well.

You could probably draw a line on the map from the western suburbs of Boston down past western side of Hartford, down thru eastern PA (encompassing NJ), down to the western side of DC. I would say that must be about 60-80 million people where the majority (probably 70-80%) would have no problem giving up their Constitutional rights.

Every Saturday there is a handful of Patriots that gather on a street corner near here. They display all sorts of pro-freedom, anti-war, anit-drone, anit-gov't signs, and American flags. They get a few honks, but not many. Most probably think they are nuts. I stop and talk with some of them once in a while....they say not many support their cause. That the response makes them sad. They are losing the country they grew up in. I am 47 myself, and things are certainly different from just 20 years ago.

The demographics of this group is all white, late 40's to 60's. Not one young person, and never a race other than white.

My point here is that the group that cares the most, 40's and up, is a dying breed and my daughter's class is a perfect example...a microcosm of the future of America.

Belize, Uruguay, Chile are on my list.