Comment: Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

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Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

This is ridiculous. No kid should be forced/pressured into such a thing by a so-called teacher. I'm seriously surprised they even did it. I would have left the class. Although there are some lies/myths in here as the prejudiced are, well, prejudiced.

#1. Kissing does not alter your sexual orientation.
#2. In fact, having sex does not alter your sexual orientation.
#3. Seeing same-sex couples kiss, does not change one's sexual orientation.

^ The above myths are very big in Christianity and illustrate how Christians largely refuse to learn about something they obsess over and condemn. Condemning something you don't understand will lead you to say, do and believe incorrect things.

#1. I've kissed women before and it does not alter sexual orientation.
#2. Gay men sleep with women, yet it does not "change them".
#3 Gay people see heterosexual couples kiss all the time, yet that does not change them either.

^ Given all of that there's strange fear that somehow children can be influenced to turn gay by the Christian gay haters. As a gay person myself I can remember when I was a kid - I'd never touched anyone in a sexual way, nor seen any same-sex ANYTHING, yet I knew I was not straight. This false assumption that somehow a straight kid might somehow see gay kissing, and suddenly turn gay is absurd. And if this forced kissing story is true, it's abhorrent and the teacher should be fired and go work in a gay club.