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I would imagine you've already

thought of this but one of the most important things I tell people is to use the small holed rectangular wire as oppose to the larger chicken wire. We have a problem with raccoons, the people who live behind us had two golden pheasants and the raccoons were able to get a hold of the birds through the holes in the chicken wire and that was the end of the pheasants.

The type of cages you can roll around are great as long as you remember to roll them out of the hot sun. We're only allowed to have four hens in the neighborhood where we live and we have the chickens in a type of side by side double condo cage which is permanent. We use wood shavings for their flooring which is changed at least once a week. We have hawks in the neighborhood and they will swoop down and try to get the chickens occasionally so each day when we let them out to run around we make sure to be there with them.

You will find they all have their own personalities just like people. One of ours loves to be held, two are very independent and don't want to be bothered and the other one is somewhere in the middle. They are so entertaining, lots of fun to watch like when they chase our pomeranian down the driveway.

We eat a LOT of eggs but also share the eggs with neighbors who always reciprocate with fruit from their trees or homemade bread, it's great. Enjoy your new friends, they are well worth having.