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The facts have never

The facts have never changed. People misreport things in the moment, like people thought for a while that one of the suspects was the missing brown student. These aren't changing facts, these are people who don't know what they are talking about spreading information.

It was clearly those two brothers. There are pictures of them before and after with backpacks then without. They are the correct colors.

The seals had their backpacks after the blast.

There are pictures of them in shootouts with the police.

The brother who is alive has admitted to everything to investigators. There is no doubt they did it.

People need to stop buying into the bull shit.

Sure the police response was too large and they caught him after they lifted the martial law on watertown. Let's talk about that and how we have too much of an offensive foreign policy that makes enemies. If it was the government, they would have used guns.