Comment: I think it's clear Benazir Bhutto misspoke.

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I think it's clear Benazir Bhutto misspoke.

First, she did not say, "Bin Laden was murdered in 2001." After mentioning four groups she thought might try to assassinate her, she was confirming a letter she'd sent to Musharraf asking that if she *was* assassinated, she hoped the investigation wouldn't focus on those groups themselves but on those financing them. Frost then asked her about the three people she'd apparently listed whom she suspected. One, she said, was a "key figure" who (among other ties she mentioned) had dealings with Omar Sheikh, "the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden." She undoubtedly meant to say "Daniel Pearl." Re Bin Laden, she referred to him being alive both before and after the Frost interview. See examples below this you-tube clip.

Un-annotated interview:

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