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Eleven is a lot to begin with

I would have suggested you begin with a smaller brood. The tractor below is a awesome. I would keep it to that size and buy three. (or I would make my own at that size but out of waxed card board or card board, plastic or old tarp and duct tape, and a large branch, with 3" diameter width cut to length, bucket where I can give fresh water everyday without having to lug anything but a 1/2 gal jug of scratch.

For myself, my 15 hens and 2 roos share a divided coop, one roo in one side with his flock, the other with his,, that's where they sleep (I overdid it, and think most of us do when we get started.. know like how you can buy a puppy a hundred toys and he still likes your shoes?). Chickens get up at the crack of dawn, and mine are pastured, so they get the run of a half acre, and they made friends with the neighbors, so they have the run of about 5 acres. The go to bed at sunset, which reminds me.. mine are happy birds and they only stop making noise after sun set.. before sunrise the roos will begin to sing. Eleven hens can make a lot of noise, and you may have one or two take on roo traits if you have no roo.

I am now converting my coop (to tractors I can move through the raised hay bale garden (becuase they will dig up everything) , I use those cardboard file boxes as nesting boxes because I can compost or burn them.. I use hay in the nests, litter in the coop.. My floor is lined with a heavy vynil I can fold all the litter in and remove, dump in the compost, hose down, dry and return.. make the coop as easy as possible to manage.. my chickens like the shade for the most part, each has it's own personality, and three born on the property are named for Daily Paulers.

I do not feed mine hormones, but they do get scraps .. their litter, scraps all go in a huge compost heap that they scratch through all day.. they love to dust.. so have a patch where they can roll in the dirt and add some diatomaceous earth

Chicken watching is a lot more fun than people watching.. I hope you and your flock many years of good memories together.