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I think. (even though we've joked about naming them "cacciatore" and other tasty names....;)

We mainly want eggs, but are not opposed to raising meat as well. I'm guessing the two can coexist in the same coop/area or do they need to be segregated?

I'm starting to think we overbought for the space we have. Unfortunately we don't have acreage they can free range on. And yes, we'd like to preserve some of the grass as my little nieces come to visit and play.

That's why I was thinking maybe some sort of mobile coop/tractor would allow them to thatch the grass but not tear it up too badly, but I also don't want to see them all cooped up in a tight space. It's either let them have run of the backyard and block off the access points to the deck, or maybe build some sort of run along the fence.

Good questions. Looks like I've got a bit more homework to do before we build. Thanks Angie!