Comment: I great website with a lot of info for newbies

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I great website with a lot of info for newbies
They have a lot of coops to look at.

Couple things to keep in mind:
1.Not sure where you live - but my two biggest predators are fox and hawks. Make sure hens are in at night and you solve the fox problem(assuming you have a proper coop with a door). The hawks - not so easy. My brother has had hawks come right down - go under his porch and dig out the hens hiding underneath.

2.While hens cannot "fly" - they can get off the ground - so if you do any sort of "run" - like around the garden - dont go with a 2ft high piece of chicken wire - they will get right over it. Important becuase hens do a lot of scratching and pecking - and they will devour something yummy in your garden in very short order- leaving you with nothing. That being said - once your crop is harvested - it is a good idea to let the hens go into the garden - they will eat a lot of weed seeds and the scratching and the pooping are good in the fall.
3. Stress is bad for you, me, and animals. If the hens are bothered by the dog - back the dog off and introduce them more and more every day. I know it is funny as hell to watch - but ultimately bad for the hens in large doses. PS- even the best trained dogs sometimes find the fun of eating a live chicken too much to pass up.

PS- chickens are also great at tick control - so the dog will like that.