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for the tips. We have a lot of people to feed, and I guess I'm stuck with 11 chickens for now. I'd feel pretty silly taking them back to the store.
I've got to do something pretty quick as well because if these chicks get any bigger any faster, I'm going to be looking like a Tyson factory farm..

I like the idea of a vinyl floor. I also saw a tray you could pull out and clean that sits under the roosting area? That was pretty cool.

I'm also thinking of getting an automatic door so we don't have to worry about securing them every night, and can go away for trips etc.

We've got diatomaceous earth at the garden shop so that should be easy. The biggest thing is finding something for them to nest in. we don't really have easy access hay, or wheat straw etc. I've heard shredded newspaper works ok but it get matted pretty easily.

Anyway, thanks again for the tips.