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As to the "Standing Issue"

I agree the standing issue is b.s. However, again, at this stage of the game, we should all expect it. Like it or not, it is the current state of the law. I'm talking the way things are, not the way we want them to be in the ideal libertarian utopia (which I am sure we can all agree isn't the present govt). I personally haven't researched the standing issue thoroughly, but I believe they decided it was more of a separation of powers issue - that this issue can be resolved by Congress and not by the Courts.

But I will tell you what - if I were going to file such a lawsuit regarding such an important subject, I would be expecting to have to deal with both standing and separation of powers arguments before if was filed. It becomes really hard to take what some is saying in a lawsuit seriously when the person saying it hasn't thought through the arguments and can't respond to them other than to say "if you don't rule in my favor you must be corrupt". That is just bogus analysis. People lose in court all the time because while they have meritorious cases, they don't present evidence or properly draft their complaint. It's the way it is.

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