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Fair points

I didn't explicitly say "ban" anyone. I'm a Christian. But I'm able to step into my liberty shoes when engaging in activism within this movement. I don't show up at Ron Paul rallies promoting a church (or Bitcoin, or chemtrails, or...).

It's not about banning people for having disagreements, or even marginalizing them for having disagreements. We can disagree on how far to take the reduction of authority (your local vs. global example), but come together in agreement that ending federal spying or the war on drugs comes first, before we talk about dismantling all government.

Likewise, I can disagree with conspiracy theorists about the Illuminati and we can work side by side for liberty. It crosses a line, however, when those folks prove that the ideas I listed in the bullet points come SECOND to their conspiracy theories. If they're unwilling to put their promotion of Loose Change on hold while we're passing out Ron Paul literature, then they have to go.