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Comment: It's bigger than Rand

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It's bigger than Rand

No way can Rand slay the machine, he needs people like me, who understand what his father was saying about restoring the republic, and he knows what he's up against better than most of us (conspiracy aside). What Rand is doing is fighting for us to get a liberty platform in the GOP and that takes more than one man..

The power Rand is after is the power we are seeking to materialize the message, restore the republic.. it's not to be achieved without a fight, and the GOP is a great place for this fight.

It's not just what Rand does, but what we do with what Rand does. I've got so much going on right now.. well, one of the big homchos in the state sent out an email.. he's wanting to fight medical marijuana.. he just wrote his CAGOP obit as far as I can see because those of is in the CAGOP are not going to let him win. This is a great fight.. because we can also interoduce a cultivation for cannabis hemp.. THANKS RAND!

Obama supporters... (((((MN)))) I polled Slate asking who was voting for Obama and why. I wanted 10 answers. I got 7.

1) cute
2) good speaker
3) black/mixed race
4) Not Hillary
5) not GOP
6) tells the truth
7) studied constitutional law

Number seven is where the "blue republicans" would come from.

Other than that ((((MN)))) Many of those who voted for Obama are the kind of people who say things like, "I went to bed with a black man so I am not racist". Racism played a huge role in Obama's popular vote.. people voted for Obama because they wanted to be seen as non racist.. and racism is what they attack us with the most.