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Background checks are utterly useless.

Here's why.

First of all, we already have them if you buy from a dealer (which accounts for the *vast* majority of legal gun purchases). They stop nothing, of course.

Second, "universal" background checks are ridiculous; I would have to run a background check if I wanted to sell my hunting rifle to a friend.

Third, it's already a felony to sell a gun to someone who's not allowed to own a firearm. There is literally no reason for a criminal contact to bother with the checks, given that he's already committing a felony. Adding another felony does not give them any extra incentive to obey the law.

Finally, they're utterly unenforceable. Let's take the scenario of me selling my .30-30 to a friend. I sell it to him, I do not run background checks. Nobody knows, and the odds of actually getting in trouble would be slim to none.

Now go beg a police officer (WITH A GUN) to protect you, since you clearly don't believe in others protecting themselves. See how that works out.