Comment: I understand. It's why I

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I understand. It's why I

I understand. It's why I don't yell at minarchists.

It may not be achievable now, because people still listen to the devil. So I support you in attacking what seems to be the immediate problem of reducing evil. But so long as people listen to the devil nothing can change, so I will always point it out. I hope you don't mind:)

The devil says: Just steal a little, just cage a few riffraff that don't go along. Once people see who's boss, then you can work your good. It won't get out of hand, trust me. People won't resent you. You won't need to ramp up the evil to enforce your plans, just a little evil, let's not even call it evil. Let's call it a 'social contract'. People will appreciate you then. You'll the beloved of all.