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I don't believe in quick

I don't believe in quick fixes. You do. The fix of armies. Your army and enforced compliance. Now.

I don't believe injustice can be eliminated on earth. You want to perfect injustice on earth. Write it into law.

I don't believe in perfection on earth. You do. The perfection of compulsory conformance.

Your god is not Jesus. It's the state, ie satan, no matter what you think. Perhaps you even know, and it's why you are so upset at the truth.

I would like to restore the Constitution, ie the Rule of Law. But that is not going to solve the problem. So long as you statolaters want to build society on theft, murder and slavery.

You are wallowing in evil. You feel it. You took a bite from the apple and want more. You must crush anyone who opposes your plans for them. You must shout down anyone who dares speak the truth.

The truth is we are all created equal by our creator. That means no man may steal lest all may. That means no man may murder unless all may.

Show me where in the Ten Commandments it says, Thou Shalt Not Steal, unless you gain a majority in Congress. Show me in the Ten Commandments where it says, Thou Shalt Not Kill, unless 9 men in black robes rule that killing a preborn baby is just fine.

Show me where the Ten Commandments have exceptions for politicians and their goons.

You can't. You aren't following the god of the Bible. You're following someone else. Who tells you sweet lies about how you can fix the world if only you had the power to make people listen.

The evil in you will make you shout at me and threaten.

Reject satan. Reject anyone who says morality is not the same for all men. Whoever says that is speaking lies.