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Comment: It all depends who you listen to and believe.

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It all depends who you listen to and believe.

If you believe Monsatan then you should know they had no problem hiding the fact they were poisoning the whole town of Anniston Alabama. They lost big time in court and the judge was so pissed off at them he put the whole case on the internet for all to see the big lie.

Now I know the research done by Monsatan says Roundup is harmless, but I believe they were fined $6M for lying in there report by the EPA. Monsatan has over and over said that Roundup was harmless and every time they were forced to retract the claim.

So I ask you, can you believe any thing that comes from Monsatan?

I remember Autism was 1/20,000 20 years ago now it is 1/50 according to a story just put out by ABC news. There are many claims on the internet by reputable scientist saying Roundup causes autism.

So please give me some facts to your claim that Roundup is benign, the only ones you'll find is Monsatan's and the EPA. Monsatan owns the EPA!

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