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Johann Boenher

is my rep...unfortunately, here in the 8th dickstrict of Ohio.

Johann is a few years ahead me, he was a senior when I was a freshman in High school. I went to our local public high school and Johann went to a private all boys catholic high school...Moeller.

Johann's father owned a bar here in town. Johann worked there and drank there...a lot. Johann has about 8 or 10 brothers and sisters.

Johann is a hard core alcoholic and 3 pack a day smoker. Johann and his wife both suffer from a bad George Hamilton complex...I think they worship the sun. There skin must be made of leather...they are probably reptilian. Drunk reptilians.

That is pretty much the story on Johann.

I have been voting against him since 2000. He usually runs unopposed. Last year I wrote in Mickey Mouse.