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This is just opening up the door, once we all accept "constitutional use" of drones in our skies, it's just a short step to unconstitutional use. Let's get real here, if there are drones flying around over your house, how do you know if they're violating your constitutional rights? You won't see them when they're at altitude, even if you see one how will you know if it's spying on you, or if it's weaponized? I don't see any reason to have robotic, killing, flying machines in our skies. It's not ok, it's not constitutional because there is no way for us to know if our constitutional rights are being violated or not. I'm already uncomfortable with the idea of spy drones being flown over my property. There is absolutely NO USE for domestic use of weaponized drones. This is America!!! We're supposed to be the "land of the free". I'm not misunderstanding what Rand Paul is saying, he's not misspeaking. I know exactly what he's saying, and I don't agree.