Comment: Don't waste your time

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Don't waste your time

I know it's extremely disturbing, and you probably believe there's some avenue to achieve justice - but it's highly unlikely.

I've been way down the rabbit-hole on this one.

"Obama for Action" (previously Obama for America), the non-profit which supports and defends Obama's policy initiatives, hires social networkers to "fight the smears" and "promote the truth about Barack Obama". They monitor Twitter, Facebook and use the same network of accounts, viciously attacking anyone that brings attention to Obama eligibility issues.

The counter-attacks peaked before the SCOTUS/POTUS eligibility conference that occurred this past February. Din't hear about that? You did hear Colin Powell on Meet the Press call "birthers" "racist".

After spending more time than I care to admit examining the various eligibility issues surrounding Barack Obama, I'm confident he has his bases covered:

* Before he took office, then Senator Obama and Clinton signed a resolution declaring John McCain as eligible to run for POTUS. If you read the resolution carefully, it also declares:

"Whereas the term `natural born Citizen’, as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States;"

* If you want more background on how the Hawaii Dept of Health assisted in Obama's birth certificate fraud (and other fraudulent birth certificates!) visit "Butterdezillion" blog. Careful, your head might explode:

I could go on, but it'd be a book.

Bottom line: We have Citizen who became President through fraud. The kicker is: >>>>It's not a secret in Congress<<<<.

...And two SCOTUS Justices went on record saying any potential eligibility issue will be deferred to Congress. This is why I say pursuing this is fruitless.

Would I love to see the rule of law prevail? Of course. Do I think it will happen in this case? No. It's our own fault he got into the Office. Now we suffer the consequences.