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They will coexist just fine

The only problem you would have to take into consideration is mating if you plan to raise meat chickens, too. If you want both I would suggest barred or white rocks. They are great layers (I get 5 large eggs a week from my hens at least) and they get nice and plump in a reasonable amount of time, too.

For 11 hens who won't have a whole lot of free range space I would say a 4 x 8' coop would be the minimum. If space is a concern build 2 layers. Bury chicken wire a few inches deep at least 12 inches out from your coop/run if it's a permanent one to keep predators out.

11 hens is going to give you lots of eggs. Depending on the breed (do you know what they are?) anywhere from 30-60 a week. That many will also destroy a smaller lawn fairly quickly... even with a mobile chicken tractor. I'll add more to this when I have a little more time tomorrow.

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