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Comment: Why would smoking cannabis be

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Why would smoking cannabis be

Why would smoking cannabis be a sin in the first place?

It's just my opinion and anyone is welcome to dispute it.

It doesn't hurt anyone else unless you don't get US grown legal stuff, and causes no issues of immorality.

In fact many people feel a deeper feeling of connectedness when smoking it.

I'll take a puff or two every year or two and it makes me feel a deeper connection with my creator. When I was a teenager I smoked it a lot which is why I stopped doing so. It didn't have the intended effect any more. Also, I once took some pure MDMA (the real stuff, not a pill, from a chemist) and my feeling of depression and isolationism went away permanently from a one time use, and I scrapped the SSRI. Is that bad? Or is taking anti depressants for life better?

Add on top of that the three churches I have been to all have unearthed corrupt indecent people. Pedo's, jerks, charlatans. I'm sure there are good churches although I do think from the heart the best christians are the ones who follow the golden rule and probably don't even know they are a christian.