Comment: I'll tell it how it is no matter what you want to hear.

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I'll tell it how it is no matter what you want to hear.

This is just my opinion of the video.

First of all I would like to say how do you get disabled in bio environmental? They are just paper pushers. I have seen so numerous people scam the military for disability its ridiculous.

"Wahhh I have sleep apnea I want 50% of my base pay for life even though I only worked in the military for 2 years and one year was basic and tech school." as an example. Such a waste of billions of dollars paying asshole indefinitely cause they are lazy. Not saying all are like that though, of course there are real injured vets from the wars... but very very few in the AF.

Everyone that works with chemicals knows those OSHA limits are BS. We used paint pens to paint LRUs and bio environmental comes in... oh you cant use those inside cause its a carcinogen. So lug that 75lbs LRU outside to use a paint pen on it. So we have to get another worker to help carry it because its a two man lift according to the dumb government. Such a waste of man power for a dumb OSHA standard. Meanwhile people are splashing isopropyl alcohol all around and bio environmental has no problems with that. Chances are that oh I would say about um... 100% of the work force violates an OSHA standard if they are doing real work!

She stated that she had 11 ribbons and medals. Well you get 3 right out of basic... so that's 8 more to go in 10 years... not impressive at all. Since you can get a bunch just by being in a unit that did well during an inspection... And the people that I have seen put up awards... are mostly liars and steal bullets from other people's EPRs, so I don't trust the people that win awards that's for sure. There is so much politics in the AF, you have to brown nose like a mofo to get awards so when she said she was stellar and got so many awards and decorations, that had me laughing!

You can join with 1 college credit and start out as an airman first class(A1C) or you could join for 6 and get that rank after basic training and you can put on senior airman in 28 months. So depending on how the testing cycles for staff sergeant are going you can make that rank in 3 years. That means she sat on her ass for 7 years and didn't even make 1 more rank after staff, she said she made rank every time the first time... FYI all the airmen rank are just given away with enough time in service.

Strontium and Barium are in old CRTs I know that much at least. As for their health effects I have no idea. I remember in Connecticut there is a nuclear power plant there and some locals said there is strontium on their land from the plant and that it was bad for the live stock. So I suppose its bad.

And this is just my personal opinion I think chemtrails are just contrails since I have no evidence to prove they exist or don't exist.