Comment: There is an interesting sentence...

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There is an interesting sentence...

... in the linked article:

"Although 40 percent of respondents said using the drug is morally wrong, just 23 percent said doing so is sinful."

Apparently, many Americans believe "morally wrong" does not necessarily mean "sinful." Is this because "sinful" requires a religious belief that "morally wrong" does not require?

Also, the linked article does not mention what I think is a significant finding in the poll:

"There is considerably more support for legalizing marijuana if it is to be used for medical purposes. Most Americans (63%) who oppose the general legalization of marijuana nonetheless favor making marijuana legal to treat certain medical conditions if prescribed by a doctor. In addition to the 45% of Americans who favor the general legalization of marijuana, 35% of Americans say they would favor the legalization of medical marijuana, compared to less than 1-in-5 (19%) who oppose the legalization of medical marijuana. Majorities of all major religious groups and political parties favor the legalization of medical marijuana."

If 80% of Americans favor legalizing medical marijuana, I expect that the laws in just about every state will reflect that position within a very few years.

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