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The article said: "Although 40 percent of respondents said using the drug is morally wrong, just 23 percent said doing so is sinful."

Perhaps the 17% who thought it was morally wrong but not sin didn't believe anything was sin? Sin is an archery term meaning 'missing the mark'. If something is morally wrong, it is automatically sin.

From a biblical perspective, if it is illegal and it's use is not morally required by God, then it is sin to use by virtue of its illegality per what the bible says about obedience to government in Romans 13.

If it is legal, then the issue of drunkenness may still apply.
I think that if its being used to prevent blindness in a case of glaucoma rather than to achieve a form of drunkenness, then it wouldn't be sin. But drunkenness is so serious a sin in the Bible that it teaches that Christians shouldn't even eat with a drunkard who professes that they are a Christian (1 Corinthians 5:11). It doesn't forbid Christians to eat with drunkards who don't profess Christianity though.