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Yes, you can constitutionally

Yes, you can constitutionally own nuclear weapons. No, I'm not fascist, and that makes absolutely no sense given what side of the argument you are taking. I could have been more clear regarding treason. You are free to debate anything you want. But if you step over that line and try to enforce your fascist ideas, then you will be guilty of treason.

Whether or not we can afford it really shouldn't have any impact on this discussion. Moreover, assuming that the cost won't go down massively is pretty naive.

You are making the EXACT same argument as people who want to ban "assault weapons". EXACTLY. You can't have it both ways. If you want to trade freedom for a false sense of security, go ahead, but do not force me to or indeed, you will be 100% treasonous.

My point with that is simply, despite your debate, you are wrong, and you lose the argument, because it says so in completely certain terms in our Constitution. If you do not agree with our Constitution, MOVE. You do not get to change it, no matter how strongly you feel. Trading away liberty for safety is stupid.