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Comment: You know P. Nicholson

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You know P. Nicholson

There are quite a few questions you need to ask yourself.

I see many posts accusing Daily Paul members of being conspiracy theorists.

Remember that it is only a conspiracy theory until the time comes when you can prove that the theory is proven to be true.

Do you remember when the republican party conspired to steal this election from Ron Paul. When our delegates won fair and square and one by one they were robbed of their delegate seats?

Do you remember when the conspiracy theorists were accusing Jesse Benton of working with the Romney campaign. Guess we all know now how that turned out.

There is really only one small difference between you and all us conspiracy theorists. That is how far down the rabbit whole are you willing to venture to get to the truth BEFORE it is sitting on your face.

I would like to know how many DP members first became aware of who Ron Paul was from the Alex Jones show? I know I am one.

The last question you have to ask yourself is Why if Alex Jones is so full of bullshit does Ron Paul continue to grace his air waves?