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Rob-Me..Now that's funny.
Thanks holbrook, I needed that (LOL).
I think we (the Liberty minded) people of this country destroyed
Rob-me's presidential bid.
I knew there just wasn't something right about that boy.
Rob-me...would be laughing all the way to the bank right now,
Government would be growing even faster and bigger, and his cronies would be (creating new companies) to do BizzNess, You know, those NO BID kind of contracts. Just like Barry, Now I'm glad I didn't vote for either of those guys.
TSA would be rolling down main street in every Amerikan city.
Also, I am sure we'd be at war in Syria by now too.
Those Republicans are determined to get us in Syria, one way or another...Just like IRAQ, all over again.
Now it's "poison gas"...
Oh Please, give me a break.