Comment: Why do you assume it was the newsletters?

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Why do you assume it was the newsletters?

This threat to "destroy" the name of Dr Paul may have nothing to do with the newsletters. I don't have ANY personal knowledge of things in the past of the good doctor, but I know that I've got things in MY past I wouldn't want brought up in a campaign (that's why I would never consider running). NONE of us know what skeletons may be in Dr. Paul's closet and I can tell you that for me it would not matter what they are, Ron Paul has proved his fidelity to liberty for 30 years and for that I will always honor and respect the man. My personal opinion is that Ron may have made some bad decisions in the past that none of us are aware of but of course the "big bad government" machine with unlimited resources may have some dirt that they are keeping locked up for leverage.

At any rate, I'm hoping there's nothing being held as leverage against Rand except for the threat of destroying his dad. In 2016 all this will be ancient history and the Ron Paul legacy can move on in the form of his son who has been schooled in liberty his whole life...

Beware the cult of "government"...