Comment: Thou shalt not steal = Thou shalt not be a POS freeloader

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Thou shalt not steal = Thou shalt not be a POS freeloader

"You want to perfect injustice on earth. Write it into law."

So you oppose writing any law or enforcing any law that defends liberty? Which do you oppose, the concept of law, or the idea of justice? Both?

Where did I advocate "perfecting injustice on earth and writing it into law" Anarchist? I say you can't, and that you're a two faced liar and a fraud, a dime store Anarchist agitator.


"Your god is not Jesus. It's the state, ie satan, no matter what you think."

You know nothing about faith, least of all mine. I know a lot about an Anarchists dogma though. Like I said, you're victims of causality who don't know what the problem is. Most of you are just two faced liars and frauds who can't back their words. Anarchists are a repellent force, something that attaches itself to what people want; liberty.

Anarchists are kinda like David Icke, something that turns peoples stomachs once they come to know them.

Why else would you post under the name "Faithkills" other than to be what you are, a skid-mark running his Godless Anarchist mouth trying to piss people off? Do you think you're helping the liberty movement? I don't think so...

I say you know you're a two faced fraud and you can't back up that statement: "You want to perfect injustice on earth. Write it into law."

"I would like to restore the Constitution, ie the Rule of Law. But that is not going to solve the problem. So long as you statolaters want to build society on theft, murder and slavery."

Than you're not an Anarchist, but you are. You simply know that you need to equivocate, and I don't think for a second that you support or defend the Constitution. You just need to pretend you do while you fling your chimp shit at people talking about "perfecting injustice on earth and writing it into law".

"Thou Shalt Not Steal, unless you gain a majority in Congress."

Taxing you is not stealing. You get compensated for your taxes whether accept that fact or not. You had a chance to win the debate, to run for office, and to vote. You can spread your influence, but you've lost. Anarchists ALWAYS lose the debate.

Being a freeloader like YOU is stealing. That's why I tell freeloaders to stop trying to "opt out", and instead 'GET OUT while you can'. Do it before justice finds you.

There's a reason you should pay your taxes, even if you don't agree with how the money is spent, because if you don't, damnation awaits from those who do. All you're capable of doing is sewing discord, so I say: "GTFO freeloader!" You don't have your own country. Either leave, win the debate, or pick up a gun Tin Soldier.

Thou shalt not steal = Thou shalt not be an ANARCHIST FREELOADER

Jesus told you to pay your taxes for a reason, but than again, why would a guy like you care what Jesus said? It's called Romans for a reason. What should you do when you find yourself ruled by Romans, become a POS freeloader attacking people of faith?

Nope... Bad move. Damnation awaits.