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This is not about cameras

The government already has spy satellites that can read the head of a penny in your back yard. This is about the federal government using weaponized drones to fire on US Citizens. THAT IS NOT OK. The second amendment DOES NOT protect the right of the GOVERNMENT to shoot at it's citizens with a robotic missile launcher. Sure there is a very small minority of Americans who COULD afford a weaponized drone but you're totally bypassing reality. The American government WILL NEVER let you own a predator drone with hellfire missiles, NEVER. I know you want the second amendment to allow that, and maybe it does/should. But the United States government will NEVER let you do that. Meanwhile, they ARE building lots of drones with hellfire missiles, and they will start using them to annihilate undesirable citizens. I am in no way suggesting that the citizen should be limited in what weapons they can own, I AM suggesting that we the people should draw a "red line" at the United States carrying out targeted attacks on it's citizens.