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You are determined to cling

You are determined to cling to a strange belief so I really don't know what to say. You clearly don't believe in IP which is such a primitive worldview.

What about the the servers Facebook and MySpace own. What about all the bandwidth? What about advertising contracts? None of those have value for you?

I can say, gold is simply a particular permutation of electron protons and neutrons. It has no intrinsic value but for cultural reasons.

The only things which seem to have intrinsic value for you would then be food and water as we can survive without pretty much else. That view would serve you well if you lived 200,000 years ago. Unfortunately for you (and us) you live here in the present.

Now these basic things have value as well as the means to acquire them (money, things which can be exchanged for money or commodities). Why are you getting lost in such a strange philosophy. Money and business are a fabulous game. Get into it, enjoy it, don't sit in a corner and whine.