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That's not why

The two major party elite are in bed together and wanted Obama for a second term, Romney ran to lose because the GOP ran to lose.

I voted Romney not because I wanted Romney to win, or Obama.. Romney was the protest to Obama though most here, who I agree with, say it's the same.. it is with different corporations coke-pepsi..

Romney did n't have signs or stickers.. everything was way overpriced and then they wouldn't send it, so a Romney campaign is rare stuff..

And finally, I believe that Ron's runs were to fill the seats for Rand.. because that's what happened. My committee went from two people, to last week we had 14 show up.. 4 if the newbees are Ron paul Republicans and we have the majority of the vote, but I can see that the GOP is working to take our lkead away, and now one of the leaders in the state want to campaign against medical marijuana.. of course we want to end his career.. but his supporters are now showing up to meetings.