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Comment: I was speaking with tongue in cheek.

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I was speaking with tongue in cheek.

I believe that what Rand Paul is describing as a "legitimate, constitutional" use of drones in America, is in fact, UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The fact is, they're already being used to infringe on our rights. The bill that just passed here in Florida doesn't do anything to stop drones from being used to spy on or attack citizens. In fact, it authorizes the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (DHS, et al) to use drones ANYWAY THEY WANT!

Even if you have a warrant, that doesn't make it constitutional to fire on American Citizens from drones? Using your logic should the US Military be allowed to bomb it's own citizens from manned aircraft, as long as there's a warrant. This is ridiculous. I don't care how many warrants you have, I don't want drones targeting my nextdoor neighbor because he stole 50 bucks. Wake up people!