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But they do know a lot, and they even dedicate their lives

As you know the UN Agenda is all about "Sustainable Development" and going "Green". It's been in the works since the 60s.. drip by drip, day by day, it grows greener and greener with people and governments making changes to adopt the UN Agenda.

As for seeking truth.. truth is like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Like some, I believe Jesus is God and God is truth/love/peace. For others, they believe that this world can be changed, and this is the moto behind the UN.. that the world can be changed.. as a Christian, I believe change is inevitable and part of the world.. there is the world, which we are part, and there is God, which we are part.. some deny God, some deny the world, some deny both, and still the world turns.

I think there are good things about the UN Agenda.. but I do not agree with the course of dismantling nations, in our case by HATE AMERICA GOVERNMENT (even if deserving, it's an effort to fule abandonment, not make it better.. people are not educated on civics. they don't join committees or run for office because they don't know the nuts and bolts.. the youtubes are not as entertaining as AJ..

I admire Ron and Rand Paul for stepping up and leading people to chose, do they want a republic (then they must restore the republic), or do they want a UN Agenda, and they must cvontinue to make excuses to do nothing but prepare for the UN Agenda, when we are all finally Palestinians (the ultimate UN agneda is to make all nations Palestine, and why hating Israel propeganda is so important).