Comment: ROFL NICE. ByteTurd, It's catching on!

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ROFL NICE. ByteTurd, It's catching on!

People know value when they see it. ByteTurd will win in a free market of digital currencies. Who wouldn't want to have a few ByteTurds to show their friends and trade for something of value?

ByteTurd is better than BitCoin. In fact, it's being heralded as BitCoin 2.0. BitCoin is backed by nothing of value, unlike ByteTurd. Not all digital currencies are created equal.

Imagine the perfect system of digital currency, but each digital "coin" actually represents something of value that exists in the real world. If it doesn't, than it's just a pyramid scam waiting for a bunch of confidence men to rush in and sell it to suckers.

If somebody has undying confidence in the fact that "nothing" is a good way to store and exchange value, I suggest you take a good hard look and see them for what they are; a conman preying on you and hoping you'll invest in nothing.