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LOL, You are Very Funny Person

"AJ is a clown that prays on gullible, paranoid people." Sound to me it is the MSM prays on the gullible and makes people paranoid. I use to watch the nightly news from NBC or CBS, and thought FOX News was a godsend. I bought into their BS news hook, line and sinker. It was in late 2007 that I started to supporting Ron Paul for POTUS and saw how MSM treated him during the campaign season. This was the start of my wakening process. I found AJ mid spring in '08 and watch End Game on You Tube. That was the time I found out that I have been lied to all these years of watching MSM and how I was being controlled. I cannot stand to watch MSM programs anymore because it I feel like throwing an object at the TV. As for Alex Jones, I like listening to him and if goes on his "rants" I turn up the volume. I am glad that Ron Paul goes on AJ show from time to time. I hear more from on his show that those few minutes spots on the MSM. I grateful for the Daily Paul posting of any public speech that Ron Paul makes. If MSM is attacking Alex Jones, then he is doing something right that has put the fear into the system. The same way they treated Ron Paul is not much different what MSM is doing Alex Jones and other liberty minded folks that I came to know and respect. God Bless.