Comment: True, its a hunch but its

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True, its a hunch but its

True, its a hunch but its backed up by the fact that he did most of the writing while Ron Paul lent his name and wrote a bit. Even if Ron Paul was the writer I actually would understand. He is the product of a different generation and would probably have changed his views by now.

If it isn't Lew, then 'That lying Shill!!!' =D

Alex Jones...too focused on conspiracy theories and pushing his own narrative of events. No objectivity which you definitely want in a good journalist. He has his world view and digs for data with or without good sources that fits it.

If you're into the whole conspiracy thing you might enjoy it. However you will get so much reinforcement and repetition that you might become brainwashed into believing every event to be a conspiracy.

Not to mention that association of the Liberty movement to Alex Jones is political poison. At best I would class it as political entertainment, at worst, a complete waste of time.