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Think this through a little

Think this through a little bit and see if you can answer my questions.

Your video shows Jeff Bauman, that is the person that anyone who buys into the "actors" "staged" theory points to every time it seems. So my point is that it should be very easy to prove one way or another.

If you believe it is Jeff Bauman "acting" like he lost his legs, then are we to believe that Jeff Bauman is going to "act" like he lost his legs for the rest of his life? He is famous, he is the one who identified one of the bombers, he would have to "act" that out for the rest of his life.

If you believe it is Nic Vogt or some other amputee actor that they are saying is Jeff Bauman, is he going to give up his real life and "play" Jeff Bauman for the rest of his life? What is Jeff Bauman going to do? Did the real Jeff Bauman agree to leave his family and friends behind forever and assume some new identity?

What about the other 13 people who had to have amputations? All these same questions apply to all 13 other people with amputations, are they going to "act" like they had limbs amputated for the rest of their lives? Or do they all have look-alike amputee actors who are taking over their lives and going to "play" as them forever?

Also if you said amputee actors, what about their family and friends? How would it be explained to them that they disappeared forever? What if their family and friend see them at some point, won't they recognize them and blow their cover? What about Jeff Bauman's family, friends, and co-workers, have they all agreed to "act" like this amputee actor is Jeff now?

I got more if you don't realize the impossibility of this with those questions.