Comment: I don't believe from this

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I don't believe from this

I don't believe from this video it can be determined what it is that falls and is picked up, my explanation would be that it is whatever was wrapped on that leg. Not saying I know for sure, because like I said you can't see what it is in this video, but that seems to me to be the most likely answer. I don't think you can give me any explanation to any of my questions that make any sense.

The other video I admit to not knowing wtf is going on, but I also don't see how that lends any credibility to the "acting" claim as I don't see how that in any way helps.

It's not like this hasn't been discussed, it was the main topic for two days which prompted Nystrom to put a stop to it. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with asking questions, I am saying that if you think this through then you realize that if this was "staged" and just people "acting", then it can and will be found out, it is not something that can be hidden forever. Maybe "acting" the scenario out that day could work (I don't think so personally) to fool people for that day, but going forward there would be no way to keep it secret. There are 3 people dead and 14 people with limbs amputated or there is not, that can be determined for 100% sure one way or another, do you disagree?

Only thing I am advocating is thinking that theory through for what would be necessary going forward to keep that secret if that was the case. I don't see how you can hold to that theory after you do.