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Thank you.

I don't expect to win. I didn't even understand there was a war until a few years ago. I was a NPRBot, a sheeple, a matrix dweller.

I would be very pleased to restore the Rule of Law, as embodied in the constitution, despite it's allowance for limited evil, which despite knowing the evil must logically and historically must expand again, it would buy us time. I don't even expect to win that much.

But I do have hope we could contain evil. Whether you believe it's baked into us by original Sin as Christians do, or by evolution as I do, it is baked into us and only utopian collectivists believe otherwise. But good is also baked into us.

There is a way to contain the evil though, and force it to work against itself where it arises. There is a way not to tempt those on the fence, as our system built on evil does.

Not every corporation CEO wants to buy special regulatory privilege with his lobbyists, she just has little choice if she is to stay in business.

Not every welfare recipient wants to be on the taxpayer dole. But often they have little choice if they want to survive or even achieve. Candidly, the honest ones are the ones who take the check and get jobs on the side. They are the go getters. If they would work, why should the suffer for it and make less than couch potatoes? The system encourages people to work outside the system if they would better themselves, and they should.

Liberty is the only way to contain and minimize evil. It isn't perfection on earth, that is impossible, but it is as close as humanly achievable. We only need understand economics to understand that. This is why people are so miseducated, and must be so for the state to survive.