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If you want discussion on the agreed upon topics in your list..

...Nothing is stopping you from commenting on those kinds of threads or from posting them yourself.

If you want to focus on the areas where we agree, then do that. Instead, just about all you focus on here is that in the liberty movement or on this site which you find objectionable and think shouldn't be discussed and needs to be purged, as if YOU are the decider.

When you say you're for a big tent, apparently you've appointed yourself boss of the tent, since you're talking about escorting people out of the movement and showing them the door if they talk about things other than your approved list of liberty topics.

You even slammed a respected member recently accusing them of propaganda when they posted a piece on aquaponics. Since Ron Paul advocates personal responsibility, not sure how you equate such matters of preparedness to propaganda.

If your niche is more political action, then go for it. But I've got news for you. Everyone else does not have to limit their liberty interests and involvement to political action or the six things on your list to appease you.

YOU are not the boss here or of the movement. It is not YOUR place to decide who is or isn't allowed in and what can and can't be discussed here, nor are YOU the decider for everyone of what activism they need to be doing.

Just because you and some others don't care for or fail to see the relevance of certain discussions doesn't mean they are irrelevant or that the movement or this site needs rid of them.

If you have a problem with this site and that Nystrom has a different and broader vision for his tent than you do, perhaps that more mainstream WCU4Paul "hub" would be more to your liking.

...Or was it too lonely there