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Comment: Think this news Coverage was fair?

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Think this news Coverage was fair?

What I found interesting is they seemed to continue to try to find some valid reason for CPS and the police to do what they did.

Another interesting tidbit is that the baby was re-admitted to the original hospital that the parents removed him from.

Can't believe I am going to say this, me thinks the Hospital, not CPS, is the chief culprit in this.

I had DSS show up at my door for my GD years ago. School filed a report.

Told them to get lost. They came back with the cops. Asked them where their judges order was? Said they did not need one. Asked them if they were willing to make that statement on video? Shut the door, came back with a camcorder and asked them to repeat what they said. Their whole story changed. Asked if they could come in and talk with me and my GD? I said not without a judges order. They left.

I found out that they planned on interviewing my GD at school without me being there. I hung a Miranda rights card around her neck and called the school principal. Told him that my GD was informed of her rights and if they attempted to question her without either me or an attorney present I will sue the shit out of them.

Finally got a call from the DSS worker who informed me that it was reported my GD said while visiting with her father, while unsupervised she jumped off a shed and hurt her leg. (she was 12 years old by the way) The biggest surprise to the CPS worker was when she found out it was a 3 foot tall bicycle shed and yes she skinned her knee.

She screened the report out. I asked for a copy and went to speak with the principal and showed him the report. Called me about two weeks later and told me the councilor was no longer employed by the school.

I said that's great but your only problem is you most likely have fifteen more just like her employed there. MY GD is officially out of your school.

The End