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so i am a non believer?

for not agreeing with you?
you,yourself said all things were washed away during the flood,if indeed that is true,then only the good was left. right? he purged the land of wickedness?
and yes it does seem to be your way or the highway,2 others besides me pointed out the israelites used marijuana
in their worship
to the one who created that plant(all plants and everything under the sun)
and yet your answer back to us it is a sin !!
my take on this is many here talking to you have studied the bible
and just might know a thing or 2. do you think my moniker is my name?
and by engaging you you should have been able to tell we or I might
know a thing or 2 about the bible,but to save face you call us
non believers
and what you actually tell us all who read your words is this,you are above us (as you haven't even looked for more truth)
you are smarter than god (as you are never wrong,nor ever will be)
but god is because he created a sinful plant,and it took you to point out his flaws
now do you think i would spend my time on this for you?
this is the question isn't it?
why would them others point out facts for you to learn?
maybe,just maybe things are not the way they seem,and might need to be looked at
I have tried to chat with you before,but you disregarded me and my words
this told me i was wrong,and everything you typed and believe is right,i hope i am wrong

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence