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a bit of an addendum


(UPDATE) Also, one little inconvenient historical fact that all L-R statist liberals would want you to never know: The Koch Bros 'created' Blue Dress-staining Slick Willy. They funded the rise of Clinton, along with his political arm, the DLC, the Democratic Leadership Council. Don't believe me, check out these two posts by liberals:

Robert Dreyfuss @ AmericanProspect - Dec. 19, 2001: How the DLC Does It

Joe Sudbay @ AmericaBlog - Aug. 25, 2010: Koch Industries gave funding to the DLC and served on its Executive Council

But, as far as slick statist liberal media propaganda operations go, this one truly takes the cake; for those who may be unfamiliar, guess who the founder of Media Matters for America, the de facto Soros-White House mouthpiece, is?

David Brock.

Who is David Brock? He made his name going AFTER Bill Clinton during the entire Monica Lewinski and Paula Jones scandal. Though he made his name during the Anita Hill scandal as well, Clinton scandals were his real bread and butter.

And then, like alchemical magic, out of the blue, we are to believe that a real deal, a true blue professional political whore mercenary had a catharsis, a change of heart. And, now, he's all about 'I bend over for all liberals! Go team Liberals! Liberals! And screw the Conservatives! Yay!'

Seriously, you couldn't write a fictional novel with this many obvious, hilarious political actors flipping left and right, and getting away propagandizing to millions of gullible idiots nationwide.

A sad commentary on the world, to be sure. But dangerous, because the con apparently still works, especially to and with those whom delusionally self-proclaim to be "politically aware and active." Proving the very much reality fact, and the existence of a completely exclusive phenomenon and providence within the human species: "educated idiots."


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul