Comment: Freed is full of it. And disingenious.

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Freed is full of it. And disingenious.

Mr. Fred forgets, conveniently, that we have been bombing in the ME since the 50's. That we meddle in their affairs, setting up & arming dictators, then changing our minds & taking them out & so on has not gone well for US.

Fred doesn't say anything about our drone strikes that kill a lotta ME civilians.

Ron Paul was very correct when he said "They attack us because we are over there!"

Fred also forgets/fails to acknowledge that our foreign policy of interventionism really PO's the radical elements of Islam & galvanizes support for their attacks on the USA.

Not to mention that all the blowback we fall prey to is a grand excuse, like the war on some drugs, to start locking down the USA & militarizing our police forces. That citizens of Boston accepted martial law with hardly a whimper after the bombings tells me that the sheep in this country really need a wake up call. "Boston strong!"?? Stupid foolish sheep!!!

The 9-11 attacks & other retaliatory strikes against US are because of our FP & pushing ME countries around. The neg sentiment from the ME toward US is a direct result of OUR interventionism. The revenge sentiment was not initially based on our freedom ect, but rather because we were in their countries seeking giants to destroy. Our Founders warned us about that.

Our intervention & their blowback did not START as a cultural thing...

Fred is a great war monger. Fred seems to love the military industrial complex & doesn't seem to mind that our sowing discord in the ME with our military actions has brought blowback on US. Fred uses all the current excuses, but needs to wake up to the fact that we can't afford the harvest of destruction our interventionist foreign policy is bringing US.



RON Paul 4 Prez! Great while it lasted. Who's our next man/woman?
Look up Jury Nullification